About us

Our vision

Lhamour is committed to making a positive social change in Mongolia and around the world with every step of our way, starting from the raw materials we use and where we source them to employment of the marginalized and giving back to the communities and the environment.

The world is changing fast. They say: be the change that you want to see.

We could sit there and wait for others to come and fix our problems. But we live on the same earth and have the same 24 hours, so why not start ourselves? We, as the young people, want to create a world we want to live in and our future generations. By doing it ourselves, we want to empower others that they can do it too.

Love yourself, love others and love the environment – LHAMOUR was established in 2014 at home from the kitchen with the dream to create a Mongolian brand that provides healthy, high quality, natural skincare products. What started out as one person’s dream turned quickly into something much greater, something that would inspire the youth and fix people’s skin problems as well. Something that was scalable and that people started to share all around the world as you can see with our distributors who have become entrepreneurs themselves– from Hong Kong ,Taiwan, Kuwait, Australia, Japan and all the way to India, Thailand and Canada sharing our philosophy.

LHAMOUR’s vision is to be a changemaker - to create a more sustainable future for our next generation.

We give value to people by providing natural skincare products through zero-waste production that are freshly handmade like warm bread in the morning with unique Mongolian ingredients for the health-conscious person who wants to create social impact through a purchase.

Love yourself, love others and love the environment.