Our Commitments To Social Impact

We are a social business with a mission to make the world a better place. You ask how? We try in every aspect of our business.

Our main philosophy - “Love yourself, love others, love the environment”

Mongolian blue sky in the countryside

Environmental friendliness

One of the most important things that we believe in is that we are visitors on this earth. Climate change is already taking a toll on our planet and we need to be very careful. The cosmetic industry is very damaging as well as the packaging and raw materials are very abundant. Thus, we try to minimize our waste through all aspects of our path. 

  • Zero waste production - We are able to minimize our production waste through various recycling and reuse programs. In addition, no part of the ingredients goes to waste and every raw material becomes an end product.
lhamour raw ingredients fresh picked rosehip
  •  Recycled paper - We are one of the first companies in Mongolia to utilize and encourage the use of recycled paper for products and in stores.

 lhamour recycled paper bags 

  • Zero waste corner - We created Mongolia’s first zero waste corner where customers can bring in their own containers and buy products without any packaging at our refill stations. For example, soap is sold without any packaging and oils can be dispensed and bought from large refill containers. Through this program, we want to take responsibility in supporting our customers' journey towards sustainable consumption.
lhamour zero waste corner thailand lhamour thailand zero waste corner
lhamour handmade soaps
lhamour handmade soaps


Youth empowerment

We are a social impact business. In addition to supporting various charities and movements locally, we find it important to develop our own change-making projects.

As we started getting recognition and brand reputation, we noticed that many young Mongolians, especially girls, looked up to us and our values. So, we initiated a mentorship program called “Finding Your Passion” for teenagers aged 14-16 years old, to guide them to find their career paths. 

lhamour founder Khulan Davaadorj at "Finding your passion" workshop

We also hosted the “Girls in STEM” program to inspire girls to take more lead in and choose careers in the STEM field. 

Lhamour founder Khulan Davaadorj at "Girls in STEM" workshop

Women empowerment

Our company was founded by a woman and employs mostly women. Our founder is very active in the women empowerment movement and believes that an employed and strong woman can create change that is far beyond her family, that will also lead a nation to the betterment. Thus, our company has committed itself to empowering other women as well. 

lhamour hand made skincare products lhamour hand made skincare products lhamour hand made skincare products